2016 Session One – Photo Gallery

MARBLE/marble 28, Session 1

One comment on “2016 Session One – Photo Gallery

  1. Dear Madeleine, just noticed your colorful e-mail from a magical place called MARBLE!! Thank you so much for forwarding these including a review on all your students, instructors, personnel- the whole wonderful crew! and your new outlook for the coming year!
    We are thinking of your gigantic sculpture Mother Earth! Have you been able to finish it? How is it being transported to Denver? and when is it being installed in the Botanical Gardens? Please let us know about the opening! We are excited wishing you a smooth set up! before the snow is moving in. How very beautiful is Colorado’s fall—I so often am reminded by Rilke’s poem, he describes it by saying: “the leaves are falling,falling from far away as if there are gardens in the heavens”!
    Hugs to you All,
    Barbara and Richard

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