The Marble Institute of Colorado Presents
A Marble Sculpting Symposium

The Staff


Madeline Wiener
Program Director
Madeline has been creating large interactive sculptures in stone for almost two decades. Her aim is to create images and surfaces that people feel enticed to experience personally - both visually and in a tactile manner. That said, she enjoys sharing her technique with carvers who come to MARBLE/marble. She created this symposium in 1989, with the intent of teaching methods of carving that make it both enjoyable and efficient. While she started out with the difficult task of carrying her small stones up three stories to her New York studio, she now has the ease of moving monumental sculpture that she creates in her Denver studio, with cranes and forklifts. She is currently creating sculpture for Santa Fe, NM - celebrating that city's 400th anniversary; and for the main entrance to the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center. This latter grouping of monumental figures are being created out of Colorado Yule marble."

Kathleen Caricof

petro hul

Petro Hul

Petro Hul has been working with stone for nearly thirty years, both as a sculptor and as a stone mason.With MFA in hand, he has taught numerous classes and workshops in sculpture, metal casting, and stone.   In addition to being a staff member at Marble/marble since 1997, Petro worked at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture for 10 years, was Sculpture Department Coordinator at Mason Gross School of the Arts for 5 years, and spent 2 years at the Digital Stone Project.Petro currently resides in Taos, NM, where he continues his studio practice while enjoying life in the mountains.  His latest sculptures are based on the canyons and mountains of the greater Four Corners region.


Scott Owens

Scott Owens sets carved organic textures against machined
line and plane, together with painted highlights and whatever
he can come up with to delight or perplex the viewer.



Rex Branson
















Joshua Wiener
Joshua makes large scale private and public sculptures.  He has been on design teams for public spaces and also juried shows.  He seeks to create landmarks with his time.  Joshua expresses “I want to be involved with creating art that will be used to give an image to a place and be a beacon for our time".

Joshua apprenticed in Japan with Kazutaka Uchida. Joshua is an instructor at the Art Students League in Denver, CO and has taught workshops at the Denver Art Museum and The Colorado Academy.  In 2009, he completed a residency at PlatteForum in Denver. In 1999, he co-founded Art in Your Park, a 501c3 non-profit that has provided communities avenues to create art and music in public places at no cost to the community.

Joshua continues to follow his dreams of creating art in his Denver studio Joshua’s public sculptures can be found in Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado- Wheat Ridge, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Littleton, Denver, and Longmont.  He is currently working on public commissions for San Luis Obispo, CA; Oklahoma City, OK; Denver, Centennial, and Boulder, CO.




Chet Haring

Chet Haring feels most at home when he is making both lots of noise and a big mess.  He enjoys working with materials that come from the earth, materials such as wood, stone and steel, often in combination.  In recent years, Chet has drawn inspiration from the clean aesthetic of the machinery used to harvest such material.  When not carving, welding or manipulating materials for artistic and/or utilitarian purposes, Chet can often be found climbing mountains and exploring canyons near his home in Durango, Colorado.

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