The Marble Institute of Colorado Presents
A Marble Sculpting Symposium

Who is the Marble Institute of Colorado, Inc.

The Marble Institute of Colorado, Inc. (MIC) was established as a non-profit organization for the education, training, and growth and development of stone carvers. MIC will advance the development of stone carvers through a series of educational and training symposia. These workshops facilitate stone carvers from all over the world to work together in a non-competitive environment of sharing and camaraderie and to expand their common interests in stone carving. MIC promotes a reciprocal exchange of growth and discovery in the artistic act of stone carving without dictating a point of view.

MIC is committed to expanding the community's awareness of stone carving. MIC continues to research and provide appropriate exhibition space for marble sculpture. MIC is committed to developing public space that contains stone sculpture. MIC will develop educational workshops for non-stone carvers to aid in their appreciation of stone carving.

The Marble Institute of Colorado, Inc. provides programs and activities to all persons regardless of race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, and to the extent covered by the law

MIC is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) organization.  Its address is The Marble Institute of Colorado, Inc., PO Box 481743, Denver, CO  80248 and its taxpayer identification number is 84-1303511.  Donations to it are fully tax-deductible as charitable contributions.  If you would like a receipt for your donation, please just contact us.  Its most recent Form 990 may be downloaded here.  Previous year returns are also available upon request.

The Marble Institute of Colorado, Inc. gratefully acknowledges the following people and organizations for their generous contributions:

Our Symposium site
Marble Tourism Association

The Redstone Art Center
International Sculpture Center

Colorado Yule Marble from Ploycor

Supplies and Equipment
Hard Rock Tools
Roaring Fork Rentals
Myles Schachter "2Sculpt"
Trow & Holden
United Supply

Lodging and Hospitality
The Inn at Raspberry Ridge
Beaver Lake Lodge
Crystal Valley Manor
Redstone Cliffs
Redstone Inn
Ute Meadows Inn

Contributors to Our Scholarship Fund
Max and Jody Taylor
Denis Carrol
Kazatuka Uchida
Mary Bourne
Robert Sievers
Redstone Art Center
Friends and family of Derek Grillos and Jim Selle

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